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The term “litigation” is used to describe dealings between two conflicting parties. While personal litigation can cover many areas, the team at Michael Collins & Co. Solicitors specialise in accident and personal injury claims. With two offices in Co. Tipperary and another in Co. Galway, our stellar reputation is based on our endeavours to achieve the best outcome for clients in all situations.

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Michael Collins was an All-Ireland school debating finalist in his youth. He is a Law Graduate from University College Cork and is a qualified Solicitor since 1992. One of the highlights of his career was acting as Solicitor in 2018 for a high-profile public figure who was acquitted of several serious alleged tax offences after an 11-day trial and a 5-year investigation with the Court declaring the Client in question to be a “conscientious tax-payer”.  Prior to that in 2009, High Court Judge Kevin Feeney described both Michael Collins and Maeve Collins as “well-trained” Solicitors in a case where testamentary proceedings involving a large estate were successfully defended. This case is now reported in leading law books relating to Wills and on how to properly take instructions from an elderly client. Michael Collins & Company is a widely known firm with an excellent reputation for its experienced Litigation, Estate and Conveyancing practice.


Accidents & Personal Injuries

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